Karen and Michael Johnson Wedding (Bella Pictures)

I am deeply honored that Bella Pictures has decided to let me come out of my shell by allowing me to photograph my first wedding assignment as lead photographer. The wedding of Karen and Michael Johnson turned out to be the one that Bella had assigned to me. The wedding was held in Livermore, CA at the Wedgewood Banquet Center. The location is a golf course, but the property also primary caters its property for events like weddings. Overall, the property is pretty nice as I made it a point to check out the property before the wedding started. Karen’s family as it turns out to be a family that loves to commemorate significant dates and what unique way to commemorate those important dates than to write it out in a bathtub. I kid you not when Karen first told me that she wanted this bath tub to be photographed and I first thought that the bath tub would be in someone’s house. Well, the bath tub was brought to the Wedgewood and was piled with bottled water that also had the program written in the front. What a fun wedding this turned out to be and would like to wish Karen and Michael many years of joy and happiness!!! Enjoy the shots :)

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