Singapore River Safari 121413

Finally, after the initial opening of the River Safari at the Singapore Zoological Gardens, the River ride is finally open. Despite of the new opening, I still have the same opinion of the River Safari. The only purpose why there is a new park is so as to house the Pandas from China. The rest of the other exhibits at the zoo are just fillers. Having said that, I’ll still occasionally visit the Safari as there are some interesting subjects to photograph. Enjoy!!!

CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_01 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_26 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_25 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_24 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_23 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_22 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_21 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_20 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_19 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_18 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_17 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_16 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_15 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_14 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_13 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_12 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_11 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_10 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_09 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_08 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_07 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_06 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_05 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_04 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_03 CPP_NAT_ZOO_121413_02

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