Food Photography @ The Cathay Restaurant

Last weekend, ClubSnap organized a food photography outing at the Cathay Restaurant. Now y’all know how much I love food and photographing it. You can see my progression from Le Bernardin, The Eiffel Restaurant in Vegas are among some of my earlier attempts, but never have I really delved into photographing the subject. Now I am regretting that I should have made time for the food class as I was allowed to audit it. DARN IT!!! Well, these are my shots from my first attempt and so far from reviews from my peers they seem to be hungry and wish that they could just delve into the screen and eat it. Remember the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Anyway, I shot it with my view camera with my DSLR attached to the back. I’m glad that I did this because I realized that I should have used some things and also should have used certain settings that would have made my images so much better.

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