Corporate Portraits For Coach In A Box…

Coach In A Box is a international consulting firm with a presence in the Asia Pacific to provide coaching services to improve personal and staff performance for their respective organizations.  I had the distinct privilege of being referred to by a good friend of mine to render photography service for a onsite Portrait Studio assignment. The venue for the Portrait Studio Session was held at the Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore . These are the images that each coach had selected for their profile portrait. Enjoy!!!


Coach-In-A-Box-Group-Photo     CCP_CoachInABox_PoyeeDorrian_6 CCP_CoachInABox_CynthiaChan_7 CCP_CoachInABox_12.-HengTengTeng_4 CCP_CoachInABox_MichaelShell_5 CCP_CoachInABox_FeliciaLauw_1 CCP_CoachInABox_LisaTaylor-Forder_6 CCP_CoachInABox_ RayMartin_1 CCP_CoachInABox_HelenLeeder_3 CCP_CoachInABox_-JosephTay_2 CCP_CoachInABox_JuneGoh_1 CCP_CoachInABox_MichelleLim_6 CCP_CoachInABox_SaraVarela_2 CCP_CoachInABox_EleanorAlandy_8 CCP_CoachInABox_-SallyCashman_2 CCP_CoachInABox_ ToniButler_2 CCP_CoachInABox_SatokoGibbs_01 CCP_CoachInABox_SabrinaPark_5

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