Caleb Cheong Photography Workshop

A good friend of mine and his wife are about to leave for a overseas vacation in the coming weeks. Knowing of my background and experience, they asked me to teach them a basic course about how to take better pictures since they have bought a DSLR for that vacation. I decided to bring them to the Singapore Zoological Gardens as that is the place where the animals have taught me about posing, looking at the environment and waiting for the moment. I also included time in the workshop to help them to understand how to take photographs at night with and without a tripod. These are the photos that they came up with after 12 hours of instruction which are way better than what they would be capturing before they took my workshop. If you’re interested in taking up such a workshop, email me and I’ll get in touch with you on how I can impart my knowledge to the genre of photography that you might want to learn.

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