A Humbling and yet Honorable Introduction….

It is extremely rare that I get really high acolades and this has been a very humbling experience. In late July, Lisa Evans who is a extremly well established Portrait artist approached our local photography community that she needed help to work on a book. The problem however was that the book needed to be produced on a piece of software that she wanted to incorporate into her business. When I got the email notice, I thought…. no big deal. I had made a wedding book for my graduation review at Brooks and I’m sure up to task to assist. In 3 minutes later through a email correspondence, I saw which software she wanted to use. Hack… I have only seen it worked once and felt that it wouldn’t be a big deal. I WAS SO WRONG!!!!

I got to help Lisa Evans for 15 hours to get the book done and to meet her deadline. The challenge came when instead of helping, I was given a role as her technical assistant for the day. The piece of software needed to have two authorized numbers that came from US and Australia…. normally it takes at least 24 hours to get it done. Lisa’s business needed those numbers at the soonest possible time. I then had to learn the software to know how it worked and how I could seamlessly make it work on two computers. All of that took at least 7 hours and only at the end of that 7 hours then we could start to work on the book.

Throught that entire time, I got to know Lisa more and as time progressed, I was having so much energy and fun doing it that I didn’t want to leave. Lisa on the other hand was so impressed with me, my work, my attitude, my willingness to help that she introduced me to the Northern California Professional Photographers this past Tuesday. Below is the audio of how I was introduced. I consider it an extreme honor that I am given such a prestigious acolade…

Lisa Evans introduction of me

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