My Name is Caleb Cheong

WordpressIn 1999 , I was earning a business degree in Hawaii when I picked up my first camera while doing an internship with The Walt Disney Company. It was then that I realized that photography was something that I never knew that I enjoyed and hence on, I just wouldn’t put down my camera. Since then, I have traveled around the world documenting cultural lifestyles in various countries and always telling life stories of those cultures.

I worked commercially for 5 years, before deciding to go back to school to earn a degree in professional photography at the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

While learning all aspects of the technicalities in photography, I never forgot my first love of why I am interested in photography to begin with. So in 2009, I was accepted into the International Documentary Class to photograph stories in another country and bringing those stories to life by producing a book, a DVD, a website and a gallery show.

Continuing my passion of visual documentary photography, I photograph Architecture, Interiors, Food, Weddings and Portraits. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I capture the subtle happenings in the wedding day that tell the story about committed love that is bound by respect and affection for each other. Each moment of that precious time should be cherished forever in memory through the images of the day that should last a lifetime.

Fine Art landscape photography is a additional passion that I developed while at Brooks. Having the great Ansel Adams as a source of inspiration for my landscape work, I attempt to produce images that would be close to how the great landscape photography master would have executed the image.

I believe that photography can be for everyone. I am willing to coach a group of individuals of not more than 5 people in how to maximize the capabilities out of the camera as well as a practical easy to understand process in how to capture awesome images as a image maker.

I am currently based in Singapore and is available for Destination Assignments, Photography Workshops/Coaching and all images are available for sale. Please email me for more details.